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What is Brain Bang?
Universe started expanding ever since Big Bang so is the human brain which continues to expand its abilities. The research on human brain has brought out many new findings that can be utilized to our advantages.

Brain Bang is a collection of proven methods to accelerate human intelligence. This method focuses on different functions of Brain and helps to maximize the learning using easy.

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Brain Bang 9th Annual Ceremony Photos (Jan.-10-2014)


Brain Bang 8th Annual Ceremony Photos (Jan.-25-2013)

Brain Bang 7th Annual Ceremony Photos (Mar.-23-2012)

Brain Bang 7th year activities

7thyear start pressrelease

Brain Bang 6th Annual Ceremony Photos (Apr.-08-2011)


Brain Bang 5th Annual Ceremony Photos (Apr.-23-2010)

Brain Bang 4th Annual Ceremony Photos on April-17-2009

BRAINBANG invites you to join us in our fortnightly Friday Class from 12.00 p.m. to2.00 p.m. in Salmiya starting October 16th for the next 6 months.

Brain Bang Annual Ceremony Photos 2008

Third Brain Bang Team

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Brain Bang Annual Ceremony Photos 2007
(Second Brain Bang Team)

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Workshop on educational innovations
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Why do you need to accelerate your intelligence?

To Cope with
Information age overload

Information age has over loaded children and adults to great extend and they are in need of better tools to manage.

To Compensate
Disappearing Jobs

Jobs of repetitive nature replaced by machines. Your creative learning can compensate this.

To Reduce
Learning Stress

Learning will be fun and part of life when you use all the area of your brain is involved in the process.

Brain Bang
CRY Creative Team,

FOCC - Kuwait